Church Music

I help churches with limited musical resources, or none, to use music creatively and effectively in worship.

A great deal of my work uses no accompaniment, reflecting the situation "on the ground" in many churches.

So how does it work?

  • we learn some simple but effective songs

    • psalm songs
    • acclamations for the liturgy, including the Gospel acclamation (alleluia) and Holy Holy
    • simple prayer responses
  • we learn how to start the song or hymn at roughly the right pitch (i.e. low, middle, high)
  • we learn to use simple gestures (not conducting, but enabling)
  • we explore the kinds of music that will work in our church and community
  • we explore the relationship between word, music and, above all, silence


You can contact Alistair Warwick at:
Ardarroch, Glen Road, Dunblane, FK15 0GY, Scotland
+44 (0)1786 823000 | +44 (0)7792 566349